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Gerald Dawkins
  • (616) 299-5274

Dr. Gerald & Gwen Dawkins First Chance Scholarship

Failure is Not an Option


It is an absolute honor to continue to keep my husband's legacy alive by chartering the Dr. Gerald and Gwen Dawkins First Chance Scholarship. Gerald has always been a proponent of ALL students receiving a first-class education and leveling the playing field for ALL students.

As another school year has begun, it is more imperative than ever to help prepare students to take their place in society. Importantly, we want to remain true to our mission to help support high school graduating seniors who have a desire to excel, have high ambitions and who are driven and want to pursue a post secondary education.

We want to continue to insure high school graduates are ready for life's best opportunities. We must not allow the obstacles and challenges of life to frighten or intimidate otherwise future hopeful leaders.

Thank you in advance for your continued support and commitment to the Dr. Gerald and Gwen Dawkins First Chance Scholarship, thus insuring high school students have needed resources to help them prepare for a successful future. The two recipients of the First Chance Scholarship for this past school year receiving $1,000 each are:

  • Alice Ali - graduate of Innovative Central High School attending Grand Rapids Community College
  • Shakaiya Wells - graduate of City High / Middle School and attending Grand Valley State University

Please join us in helping remove roadblocks that students may encounter, opening the doors to success. Please consider a tax-deductible gift of $200 or more. You may choose to mail a donation to the address below or donate online by going to First Change Scholarship and following the prompts.


Gwen Dawkins and Board Members
Dr. Gerald and Gwen Dawkins First Chance Scholarship